• Coping with Stroke: 50 Answers to Everyday Caregiver Challenges

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YOU need answers NOW!

This is more than a book for stroke caregivers. This is THE ultimate companion to turn to any moment you need an inspiring AND realistic word to make it through the everyday challenges that stroke presents.

This book gives you:
•       The information, hope & confidence you need as  a caregiver or someone close to a family coping with stroke
•       Practical ways to deal with new & often surprising situations because stroke is very unpredictable
•       Common sense & advice from those who have   “been there, done that”
•       Words of comfort & strength — you can do this!

This is THE best friend of EVERY support group leader to supplement and encourage authentic and meaningful conversations.

“To see what I see, you’ve got to be where I am.”
That’s one of the most accurate and straight-forward descriptions you’ll ever hear or read about living life with stroke, as the survivor or the caregiver. This compact volume is filled with the best and most practical first-hand quotes, insights and tips you’ll ever find on coping with the everyday emotional challenges of stroke as a caregiver, because every word of it is real and common sense.

This book meets you where you are, no matter where you are in time.


About the Author:

A former weekly newspaper reporter and editor, Monica Vest Wheeler creates books and materials that focus on human relationships, personalities and history, and sharing her passion for these topics with the world.

She started her business in 1992 and has researched and written 10 Peoria, Illinois, area history books. In addition to co-authoring a book on coping with cancer, Monica has written "Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Memory Loss: Straight Talk for Families & Caregivers," one of the books in her "Help Me Cope & Survive!" series. Her latest projects in the series focus on coping with the daily challenges of stroke, brain injuries and brain tumors-brain cancer, also featured in the "Answers to Everyday Challenges" line of books.

Monica has spent thousands of hours working with and interviewing and listening to hundreds of patients/survivors, families and caregivers, and healthcare professionals. She’s given dozens of presentations on writing, the need to communicate, ways to express emotions on paper and verbally, how to use family history to better understand oneself and family today, and ways to cope with the emotions of catastrophic injuries, illnesses and diseases, and much more.

She lives in Peoria with her husband, Roger and cat, Lois. They have a son, Gordo.

To contact Monica to share her knowledge and insight at workshops and conferences on any of the aforementioned topics, contact her at: 877-COPING-0 (877-267-4640),strokecopebook.commonicavestwheeler.cominfo@copeandsurvive.com, or P.O. Box 276, Peoria, IL 61650-0276.